The Orion Project


The Orion Project is looking for young Artists.

Our team is dedicated to making you better in all areas of life while helping to “zero in” on the area in which you excel.

We will help you become:

A better artist
A healthier person
A stronger student
A disciplined leader

Through our system of setting and measuring goals and daily accountability, we will help you focus on being a better artist while preparing you to excel at anything.

Orion Project Details:

We are looking for young artists to join our groups and improve on their lives and art. Here is how Orion works:

  1. We put artists into groups of 5 students (preferably all from different schools.)

  2. We find their strengths and weaknesses in these areas:

    1. Health and Wellness

    2. Creativity

    3. Academics

    4. Discipline / Leadership

  3. We give each student his or her goals and the goals of the rest of the group.

  4. We meet with the group once/month for a short lecture on these areas, to go over any issues, to reset goals if needed, and to discuss successes and struggles.

  5. The students take turns holding each other accountable with daily reminders and check-ins.


This cost of this program is $25/month with one required monthly meeting (1 hour). There is no other obligation other than to be a good “team” member.

Our goal is to make these students better artists for you and the world.

We plan to start the first groups in JUNE 2019 to give them a head start on next year, but will start another round in SEPTEMBER 2019 when they return to school.

Please contact Jay at with questions.

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